Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Twins Genting after an absence of six years, have emerged around the fans, riding Genting stage generous offer three encore

This year is the Twins was established 12 years, an absence of six years, Malaysia Genting last night (9/6),Twins again come to Genting held the Twins 人人彈起 Concert Live in Malaysia 2012,attracted a lot of Malaysia and Singapore fans flocked.

Opening soon as he has seen the light brand of fans everywhere, very spectacular, audiences come to appreciate from Singapore and Malaysia, local, and more fans came from Hong Kong flying, indeed, the two touched, is the concert,the special guest is the cooperation Boy'z in member Kenny Kwan,recently busy with domestic TV series earn money,a rare time with Steven Cheung came to a guest, the atmosphere will push up !

After the encore concert near the end, when the fan is still enough, the results of the two reintroduction of choral classic songs,Ah Sa then called the audience to sing the sad truth is there are too many proposed,Ah Gil, the band responsible for the selection, and finally has been hailed as classic of the classic "下一站天后" for Genting will draw a satisfactory full stop, the fans left the stadium with a satisfied smile !

Credits : EEG

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