Monday, 25 June 2012

Sherman Chung sent home to feed Steven

Sherman Chung rumored ex-boyfriend Steven Cheung turn tart success, it was learned she was each other sincerely touched, they quietly chicken to play the composite.Recently,Sherman food delivery on the studio to feed her boyfriend, by painting the name of the genuine secret, kept it from an underground.

Sherman and Steven for the same EEG's singers night relative tarts,2008 was revealed in public housing cohabitation, but was young and frivolous,Steven loves to play more than work, the results break up end.Until recent years the man finally enlightened and whole-heartedly work, restructuring and Kenny Kwan from Boy'z break music with friends, a joint venture to open the studio, obviously by nature a lot.

Yeah know wipe mouth

It is understood that Steven broke up with Sherman for many years, but still feel her best to turn over his make hoop burning action, and finally Sherman, moved by their sincerity. The message refers to the two static penis turned tart earlier they came the Steven through Instagram to Sherman to marry, but both denied. However, Steven studio recently on a newspaper photograph Sherman food delivery, they love rekindled off.

The day wearing a hat dressed low-key Sherman appeared in San Po Kong Factory Area studio downstairs takeaway,Steven bought dumplings,vegetable rice, noodles, drinks, large bags of food, I saw her, willing to do take-away girl comfort her boyfriend, Steven personally open the door to greet Sherman.The two sat buried in the corner of eat slowly, Sherman, see her boyfriend food to greasy mouthful handed him a tissue, that is considerate, and she is 100 points girlfriend.

To teach girlfriend painting

After Sherman put on aprons incarnation boss in the studio finishing brushes, paint, and took the opportunity of painting masterpiece.Sherman will be held in the exhibition, it has frequently obsessed with painting, Steven also do boyfriend responsibilities on giving advice and called the partner pointing girlfriend. Sherman to leave when he heard Steven said : "Painting generous sister give me my belt back home and friends !"Steven moved cartoon portrait pro to send his girlfriend to take the lift to leave.

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