Monday, 11 June 2012

Twins concert situation more than rejection bun out shot forgetten

Twins through the market turmoil "fit" concert in Malaysia for the first time,six years after an absence of Genting them apart from tumbling stage,Gillian Chung harder and jump to the rejection bun.

The debut 12 years of them, the song "相愛6年" into a "相愛12年",plus a second encore and temporary sing "飲歌" and "精選". Just before the passion in my fans asked to shake hands, they said that, "No ah! I do not !" Can be said to give you some, do not give you some."

This honor presented by Celcom, Star Planet & entertainment to celebrate the 10th anniversary concert organized by the Ah Sa in the experience of hiding the wedding events and Gillian experience "for according to door" storm,Twins gesture to Malaysia concert. Hacken Lee, Nicholas Tse, Hins Cheung, Jackie Chan,Ekin Cheng,Wong Cho Lam,Andy Lau through the screen I wish them success of the performance,Andy Lau, earnestness, said "There was a day not be so comfortable and support each other."But, Ah Sa in hiding marriage and announced their divorce, and William Chan generous public affair,Gillian has been re-stand up and fully back "also had one to conceal the marriage controversy has been boom Andy has been as a father, three people are each wonderful.

This is also Gillian six years ago in the the Genting background was photographed changing Twins for the first time to return to Genting.

Twins from the stage in a 20:30 a spate of live music and dancing, although two out of tune from time to time and can not keep up the rhythm, but Ah Sa's singing significantly robust than Gillian. They turn to sing a slow song, live vocals getting better, but when Gillian in "substitude" JJ Lin and Ah Sa chorus "小酒窩" accidentally forgetten,the later jump to the rejection of bun, you can said that the situation again and again, audience,fans, however, according to the total bill received, enthusiastic burst light "Ichiban興奮" excited "to" bounce back "in the tenth song, with Twins dancing.

The performance guests Boy'z, and Twins singing "死性不改"Twins vomit trough full,coupled with a "too much years, they changed Old Men" in the embrace of the stage, Ah Sa also despise Steven Steven Cheung sweaty !


我們的紀念冊、你講你愛我、熱浪假期、森巴皇后、人人彈起、零四好玩、夏日狂嘩、星光遊樂園(華)、小酒窩(華)、Ichiban興奮、二人世界杯、愛情當入樽、旅遊書(新歌)、大過天(新歌)、死性不改(與Boy'z合唱)、Ready To Go(Boy'z)、女校男生、眼紅紅、雙失情人節、多謝失戀、丟架、相愛6年、(安哥1)3650(華)、風箏與風、戀愛大過天、明愛暗戀補習社、(安哥2)飲歌、精選、下一站天后

Credits : Sinchew-I

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