Sunday, 10 June 2012

Twins Malaysian concert will be the second encore that did not shake hands.Gillian refused to hold off Kenny ?!

Boy'z,Steven Cheung and Kenny Kwan, guest performers, singing and dancing performance "Ready To Go" super suction eye
After an absence of six years,Twins finally opened a Malaysia concert after fans waiting hardly, and the second Encore, particularly open to the fans song, Ah Sa said that this tour since the first time to the welfare of the fans.For the concert,junior Boyz special guest performers, impressive in the two groups of people in the chorus "死性不改",Gillian seem especially afraid to close to Kenny Kwan, a little far away while Ah Sa generous hug Steven and Gillian but I do not know why revealing the expression "scared" of "resisting" and then respond to the embrace of Kenny Kwan, the man seemed embarrassed !

Twins [人人弹起] 2012 Malaysian concert will be on last night (9/6) 20:20 Genting Arena of Stars held by Celcom Celcom honors rendered Star Planet Star Arts & Entertainment to celebrate the 10th anniversary for hosting. It is worth mentioning that, the Twins open welfare fans song, so in concert to sing two songs "drinking songs" and "featured", Ah Sa particular, commanded the fans would like to thank the musicians remember music but fans requirements handshake,Ah Sa refused to say no, anyway, to sing two songs is a bonus, I believe that fans meet ?!

Twins in concert debut 12 years and hope that there will be many next 12 years : "Thank you to attend a concert of you,we are very happy to come here,very worried about in the background before the concert because stafftold that the outside super traffic jam,for fear too late admission fans now see everyone,thank you very much, hope you are 12 years they sang 28 songs, including the collection of the new album "大过天" and "旅游书" for a total of five sets of clothing, music and dancing is certainly indispensable, but Gillian seems limbs were stiff, two people on some of the songs all out of tune, and not pull on the phenomenon, but theymade in good faith, because dancing and somersaults, and even the hairpin also transcended, so that fans big very high !

Twins make fun of the Boy'z change "Old Man"

Known as the male version of Twins "Boy'z" held this night performer at the two big boys handsome appearance, singing and dancing "Ready To Go" ultra-dynamic, so that the entire atmosphere brought to a higher point, but he was the Twins tucaosaid : "You a few years called the old Man !"

Concert under the links of the second encore,the Twins meet the requirements of the fans, said: "To give money, and quickly finished the last song !"They sing "恋爱大过天" to end the concert.

Credits : Enter-E

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