Monday, 11 June 2012

"Who In The Mirror" sell ​​the world's best activities to boost the viewing frenzy

"Who In The Mirror" scared the summer volume frenzy
Popular thriller "Who In The Mirror" will be held June 14 summer release.With the end of the entrance and more middle and high school students leave,a Chinese horror viewing frenzy will swept the country this weekend

Trailers click to position ourselves as the first prize in five million fans look forward to aggressively.

As of June 10, 60 seconds screaming version of the trailer, "Who In The Mirror" and "headless ghost" version of the ultimate trailer,the network total traffic of 20 days has exceeded the 5 million mark, far beyond any previousthe number of clicks of a domestic thriller movie trailers.

The horror show trailer intensive, heavy taste of the scene, so that the country fans unable to stop looking forward, and already call friends have the same, will go hand in hand viewing of this "Chinese horror blockbuster" the most alarming.

The media thought of the film will be less 15 minutes ending mystery calling aggressively.

The film side recently held in Beijing in the media and critics thought of the film, played only 75 minutes, the most exciting, most horror 15 minutes of the finale is completely sealed, opened by the first batch of fans will be the premiere date of the horror puzzle. 75 minutes into the film has the media blown away, and reached a consensus that the domestic horror in this film has climbed to a new high, the whether frightened extent, confusing plot, refined sophisticated picture, sound shocking thriller can not. The film will the audience be scared ran out of the theater, the more people after the screening, one after another to the chip's staff about the plot of the finale, all suffered seal of confidentiality.

News, around the fans' curiosity was great to drive, the premiere looking forward to greatly enhance.

Director frank heart to improve the quality assurance aggressively.

A theater For the 13th midnight premiere, director 牛朝阳 microblogging to the cinema fans in good faith, admits : "Pro-remember last year's bed was full studios premiere after 10 minutes, plus a full of hot conditions.Remember your criticism of me again. can not say more than satisfied with this allows pro, but I dare say, you say last year I have changed, make you see a director of the dedication and growth !"

Previously,牛朝阳 guide is still a number of occasions stated that he had learned a "bed" three lessons: enough scary, two laughed three too many suspense to reveal prematurely. Improvements as follows: "Who In The Mirror" an intensive horror, really scary, two did not laugh, 3 suspense to maintain to the last screen of the entire film. I believe that cow's guide with an open mind and sincere, and thus reached the quality improvement, it will certainly attract more fans to feel the terror experience.

Theater activities in a dazzling variety of raffle gifts help to aggressively

The major theaters and theater also noted that "Who In The Mirror" bursting with potential, and have held a variety of movie-viewing activities to promote the horror boom.Has hundreds of studios in the middle of the night zero on the 13th held the premiere of "Who In The Mirror" will be larger than all previous thriller,is scheduled hot.Some of the studios to engage in "In the middle of the night Do not look in the mirror" terrorist viewing week, and some presented small mirror small comb, and some engage in phone lottery, and some complimentary drinks snack packages, the most innovative undoubtedly the Guangdong studios, staff play in shadow Chamber "ghost" to enhance the horror atmosphere, the audience watching a movie, it might really have a "ghost", suddenly appear behind you! The film side will send a total of 2000 limited edition commemorative USB with theater activities

June 14 is approaching, so we look forward to "Who In The Mirror" wonderful performance to create a surprise summer climax !

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