Sunday, 10 June 2012

Gillian Chung skip the "thrown bun" while Ah Sa help development of sisterhood

[Concert] Twins debut 12 years "人人弹起" concert will be held in Malaysia, Gillian after six years ago performing in Genting was photographed again set foot in the Genting stage, but the show has not carried out smoothly, her hard performances, skip the shakes thrown bun, Ah Sa seeing immediately stepped forward to help see that the feelings of the two sisters very better !

Six years later, the Twins held a concert again, and this is also following the Gillian Chung  backstage at the 2006 concert was candid locker, return to the Genting stage concert, but the performances are also not too smoothly and is related to Gillian in singing "爱情当入樽" the hard performance to shakes thrown bun,credit goes to Ah Sa's alert, immediately stepped forward to organize for her,Gillian after the performance, said : "The singingrejection bun,haha !"When Twins singing "相爱6年" and saw Ah Sa eyes wet to Gillian is also the first time handed her a tissue, filling the two sisters feeling better!

To hold another concert,Twins get a circle of friends support field, recorded on the VCR to congratulate,including Jackie Chan,Andy Lau,Hacken Lee,Nicholas Tse, Wong Cho Lam,Niki Chow and so on, while Boy'z when the last concert will be the guests and the Twins chorusthe two groups of people of the classic song "死性不改". Boy'z more exhibition language talent, order "Apa khabar ?Aku Cinta Padamu" say hello to the audience.

Well known Malaysian fans understand Mandarin and Cantonese,Twins more intimate to ask the fans : "You listen to Mandarin or Cantonese ? Or bilingual ?We should be six years did not come, just quite a worry, because my colleagues said outsidein a traffic jam, but fortunately, we have managed."

Enter the industry for 12 years,Twins in concert several times to keep up with the beat, or slightly out of tune, but the two will be the classic "cartwheel" a repetition of the stage, has made the mood of the fans, more times to ignore the security personnel of the management station up and dance, and seeing the Twins would say: "You can not stand ?If you behaved, it should be no problem, we give security brother a round of applause !T they will be more forgiving."

The concert will be conducted to the end,the stage big screen to play a concert piece in Twins 12 years, they are more emotional, said : "Into the line for 12 years is really very simple, we have been very little time to come here to meet you and sorry, but you still so support us very much hope you can come here again to meet you, hope we have the second, the third of 12 years, the most important is we are together. "

Unknown whether or not often come to Malaysia because Twins even on the stage singing "明爱暗恋补习社" the notice said : "Our tour is usually sung this song away, but if your response is good,we sing a few more first."Sure enough,Twins are unprepared, singing the drinking song" Ah Sa says with a laugh : "I do not remember the lyrics,afraid !Two tonic not remember the lyrics, but the band are remembered notes."Fans also sing",Ah Sa asked the musicians said : "Do you remember the melody ?Do you remember ah? You (fans) quickly thank the people ! "

Track : 我们的纪念册 / 你讲你爱我 / 热浪假期 / 森巴皇后 / 人人弹起 / 零四好玩 / 夏日狂哗 / 星光游乐园 / 小酒窝 / ICHIBAN兴奋 / 二人世界杯 / 爱情当入樽 / 旅行书 / 大过天 / 死性不改/Twins and Boy'z] /Ready to Go[Boy'z]/ 女校男生 / 眼红红 / 双失情人节 / 多谢失恋 / 丢架 / 相爱6年
Encore : 3650 / 风筝与风 / 恋爱大过天 / 明爱暗恋补习社
2nd Encore : 饮歌 / 精选 / 下一站天后

Credits : Laksou
Personal Notes : Wow,Boy'z said "How are you ?I love you !"

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