Tuesday, 5 June 2012

"Who In The Mirror" the finale stage of the headless ghost exposure ultimate notice

Many popular stars 牛朝阳 director, Kenny Kwan,Maggie Lee,Zhang Jun Han, and Vicki Tsui and other youth starring thriller "Who In The Mirror" recently released "ultimate edition" trailer. The edition notice to continue its aggressive style "no lines" a lot more core information and new terrorist elements have been exposed. Especially in the last finale on stage headless female mirror ghost, so many viewers cry a long time.

The ultimate version of notice, all kinds of death, screaming, explore, devils, spurting, cold corpse, vision and other terrorist elements are still very overwhelmed. In addition, the notice also shows the three highlights of the five starred and the film - supernatural terror passion, taboo journey. Ultimate edition notice of major terrorist elements, and some tend to visual stimulation, some prefer the psychological implications, and some prefer to create an atmosphere, and its overall effect, just to the film the three points perfectly prominent.

The new trailers have two new elements have clung to the audience's attention. A passion play for the first time exposure fragment. Although only a vision, but enough to see the paragraph sex is not a small scale. Attentive audience will find, among the children of men and women blowing hot and cold, next to the side of the turn over of the old mirror is slowly flip back. In accordance with this flip speed, and within three seconds, this poor people children of the children should be a mirror shine. In witch town, middle of the night, according to the mirror would have to die.

Ultimate notice another big surprise, is the ghost in the last scene of the sudden, previously to the poster and trailer appeared in the mirror, and even the head off and put hair on the table. The headless ghost lens finale debut foreshadowed, indeed, fans shocked. A lot of friends in the ultimate notice of the comment that subsection, to explain his own without the context of head mirror ghost scared. Abstract head Intimates horror stories about long-term popular in our country folk, first appeared in the movie screen, scary extraordinary strength. These Chinese-style horror elements will become a box office soared strong motivation.

The youthful thriller "Who In The Mirror" screaming version of trailers since the on-line, click on frequently refreshed trailers category is a new high, even pressure over a number of Hollywood blockbusters and long-term occupation of the first of the thriller type film."Ultimate edition" trailer in oncoming violent, click than "screaming version of" almost double. According to statistics, "Who In The Mirror" two trailers replay rate is alarming. June 14, "Who In The Mirror" with the audience there or be square.

Credits : Inyule

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