Friday, 15 June 2012

Over Steven: Well, to survive the point known hard

Steven advised newcomers to believe that the situation improves.
Rushed popular singer Steven Cheung and Hiromi debut, the cost of several hundred thousand dollars, the two record companies for their advanced year has been repaid during the year, but after a downturn in the career, said Steven wanted to quit music : "It was a month get the 2,000 mosquito point live !"Subsequent letter to the lord, bear witness to the world from time to time with the pastor, he said : "Go me well think difficult suffer, I am poor and the end of not know the meaning of exhausting to survive the point ?Knowledge first, in accordance with the family treasure !"

As for Hiromi fortunate also had a fall, or she would be arrogant do not know value,is also grateful that Zac Koo help solve the problem : "Beimao attention to me, too drainage attention to me and told me to go to church !"Two years of economic difficulties,too old company, a senior helps.

Credits : On.CC

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