Friday, 15 June 2012

《追鱼传奇》exposure Zhao Li Ying interpretation of the myth of love

张珍teach红绫write words

"追鱼传奇" exposure Zhao Li Ying interpretation of the myth of love the first half of 2012 by virtue of the popularity of "新还珠格格" Zhao Liying masterpiece frequently, "女相", "错点鸳鸯", such as drama has not yet aired, let it is always in the position of the great actress. Hengdian studios in full swing, large-scale costume drama "追鱼传奇" before shooting, the female lead, played by Zhao Li Ying carp fine red silk, and Hong Kong young actor, Kenny Kwan interpretation of a romance, touching love story.The story recounts the smart and cute, turned into human form ashore for the dragon king selected the longevity of the carp fine red silk, a coincidental encounter youth scholar 张珍, in order to help 张珍, 红绫 incarnation of 张珍's fiance prime minister gold pet female gold peony 张珍.Shall the results of the more trouble she also slowly into the love of  张珍.As 张珍 and 红绫 gradually to determine the feelings with each other, waiting for them is a set of gold peony father, prime minister gold pet a vicious traps ... It is reported that the film by the Hong Kong Gold Producer 吴锦源,Producer 黄锦田,陈国华 director guidance, gathered Zhao Li Ying, Kenny Kwan, Dai Jiao Qian,Ding Zi Jun and other Mainland, Hong Kong well-known pop star. Debut many years,very little co-operation with Hong Kong artist with Zhao Li Ying, when asked about the communication will be any problems, Zhao Li Ying said with a smile : "I believe finished the play, the Cantonese will be improved, Kenny's Mandarin Yall will improve"

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