Friday, 15 June 2012

To Hiromi & Steven low tide meet god

Singer Hiromi and Steven Cheung when the beginning of their debut, the record companies for them to advance hundreds of thousands of make up,car hire and other expenses,although they two are lucky to get out of debt within a year,but two subsequent career was stagnation, was suffering from depression Hiromi thought about committing suicide, Steven want to give up when the singer, the final two by faith, overcome difficulties and a new life.

Hiromi know Eunix Lee helper do worship activities of the pop singer said yesterday,she said : Bei I was the most serious, too high opteron correct principle the drainage turn into days told me to go to church a lot of brothers and sisters to each other comfort.But she was glad that they aredown,she said: "Not down or I will clamor.Career, lost Steven, five years ago, the lord often with the pastor around to witness and share:" I fine a mao baa not survive eell survive the point know hard and cherish."Steven wants to be a preacher, especially concentrated in the entertainment industry to preach the gospel.

Credits : On.CC

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