Friday, 26 July 2013

"The Foxer Lover" 3D Gorgeous Visual Effect-Kenny Kwan as A Demon

The Fox Lover is going to be release on the 28 of September.This fall is about to usher in the Chinese National Day movie history file first truly "real 3D" magical masterpiece.From this film,it can be seen as a love,3D action film,magic film,ups and downs of the plot and structural film especially in the art can be described as crafted, magical color and intensity, the Western magical doctrine and Eastern mysticism perfect blend of aesthetics and, therefore, has many fans expectations.

Besides,a Hong Kong actor Kenny Kwan is going to be a demon "most smart" in this film,is to be integrated into the gothic style, dark and gorgeous.He fully reflects the role of sinister and soft.This role as a villain second figure, with a high tiger to play the number one villain Sea Bat stark contrast, looks gorgeous charm, he was not the king of the sea bat manic and brutal, showing feminine alternative even sentimental atmosphere, with even under more calm than ghastly. Kenny Kwan in the grasp of the role is in place, to be molded into a very scheming young men, became the film "The Fox Lover" this oriental fantasy story of an indispensable role. Let us look forward to September 28 on the big screen to see a special Kenny Kwan.

Credits : Sina

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