Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Maggie Lee shoot supernatural movie really evil!

Animation Maggie being shot in Beijing and Kenny Kwan republic of China supernatural film  ''Who In The Mirror''.The first worry is Maggie revenue "peak" sell acting, great pressure. Story about the number of murders and strange things happened in front of the mirror before shooting Maggie himself to practice in the mirror from time to time, and eyes free to make the staff feel weird, her final recently became ill and mad vomit uncontrollably, chief nosebleeds, violence thin have only over 90 pounds, but still refuse to, di doctors and autistic room, to the director and his assistant burst housing counseling

Maggie admitted too much pressure and the weather cold and was seriously ill, but blew the shot without cause bruising after the supernatural drama. Do you want to Zhuangxie? She said: "may be too into the role of time the Department of detached Wu Dao.

Credits : On.CC
Personal Notes : Seems besides of the picture and the word ''Kenny Kwan'',nothing is related to him,only the pictures.....but anyway,it's related to Kenny !

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