Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Through the Valley of The Shadow of Death

The late Apple founder Steve Jobs to Stanford University speech talking about his youth to drop out : If I had not decided to go to learn calligraphy, it will not founded around the world today the prestigious Apple, from the identity of an abandoned child. Summary : Steve Jobs to speak to a life, not less than the experience. "This sentence is applied to grow up to be a capital letter from lower case letter "Boy'z ".

The body suit today,Kenny took the initiative to related companies borrowed, saying that he was different from the previously passive character. The past experience, to wash away the two big boys of the old face hanging childish. 

Eight years ago, two uppity boy was chosen, renamed "Boy'z''. The two big boys always endless energy on stage, at first glance to have a tacit agreement. The original early trained, the two have been dubious. Kenny Kwan bluntly : not falling out debut 2 years, plus Training that year, a total of three years. Had to know his irresponsible character, go to a point where ... you will feel disheartened, I believe that each of his friends go through this stage in the next Steven Cheung nod to his young ignorance with deep remorse.

Imposture Cousin Brother

Because Steven entering the row only three qualifications, manager Mani forced him to complete a minimum of five. Steven not reluctantly had agreed to, has become the class "Fight Back to School". Kenny is only 19 years old, but less than his one year old Steven for the school guardian, identity for Steven Cheung is Steven Cheung cousin, cousin, single-handedly to find a school to buy school uniforms to meet the parents by this counterfeit. Every morning he was awakened by the phone of the school, the other at the very start of the first sentence and asked: "Steven Cheung today not to go to school, you find him?"

Steven saying that he was optimistic about the out of character, admits that optimism was a bit irresponsible. "I debut only 18 years old, has earned at least 600,000 in the first year, you have got 600,000.What happens ?A child wanted to play, so to have the ability to meet their own will. I earn how to chase girls, play, and no thought about the future."

Appreciate Today

Steven tried too poor to only 20 million,but seem no problem. For him, only to others. Looking back at the beginning, he was the verge of tears : "I think that the opportunity does not belong to me but to the people around me, when the composition of the Sun Boy'z, my state of mind only when training new people, because early in the morning to know the end the inevitable falling out."

Eventually decided the two Chaihuo. The two big boys far reading the newspaper when the reflux in the Mainland only learned of falling out of the news, at heart he was alarmed, excited, flavors divergent. Kenny, alone went to Singapore of hard work to sing and go northward filming around a aides are not;, Steven to stay in Hong Kong to form Sun Boy'z, remains unchanged.

Today, eight years later, they resume the path of returning to the stage with a non-confidence, no longer believe that the opportunity should copy. From the album's production costs, makeup, hair styling, perfectly clear, and even personally make props, and do not want to miss anything. Than eight years ago, they know better how to respect each other, cherish everything we have today. "Some people are willing to give you the opportunity to, is to trust you." Life is really not less than the experience.

Credits : Kenny's Baidu Bar
Personal Notes : Not sure for the original source...but Baidu Bar gave me lots of information.

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