Monday, 28 May 2012

"Who In The Mirror" role posters of the face insert lens taste weight

"Who In The Mirror" Injured Poster
Youth thriller "Who In The Mirror" finally published flavors up dirt. First released character posters, film side put the death, strange, murder, wound, blood, lenses, together with offer. Five star Kenny Kwan,Maggie Lee and others in such a way with the audience to meet the tastes heavy, fear before the June 14 release, will advance scared timid audience.

5 newly released roles posters are starring Kenny Kwan,Maggie Lee, Zhang Jun Han and others played by Kwong Hang[Kenny Kwan], fly ash, including jade,wild girl facial close-up. Tellingly, each role his face were injured many and deep sticking a lens. The film side of said set of character posters for the injured version role poster, is a "serious taste" on behalf of its 21 posters. The poster you role the face of injury, is to scratch the lens by the mirror ghost. Chilling deep plug such as the lens in the face, is the masterpiece of the mirror ghost. Lens murder, it is one of the film mirror ghost murderers means.

Question from social network friends : Deveral flavors posters exaggerated, and the film lens and so stimulate it ?Official film side responded : "On the contrary, the positive stimulus than posters.Use lenses murder, just to film one of the means of the attack by the mirror ghost. The means to kill a ghost house mirror, the actual piece, far more than this one. Other means of flavors was even worse than the film, lens, lens inserted face died condition on the poster also miserable."

This week since "Who In The Mirror" trailer click-through rate is far more than the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster, but also because of its dense flavors horror picture,and to attract large audiences.Such a heavy taste of the movies, whether it is suitable for the public to watch ? Thriller fans cheered, has long been unable to stop, of course, but there are a fans on microblogging expressed the attitude : "Who In The Mirror" is very much for them to watch but did not dare to see.

In this regard, the film director 牛朝阳 microblogging responded : "Thriller type of movie entertainment logic and roller coaster similar to let us experience the fear of security, thus releasing the pressure to get pleasure. I have not before shooting the thriller dare to look at large, had looked for work some of the later, and soon hooked as long as the heart is no problem, why watching other people screaming on the roller coaster fun ?Sincerely urge you to go try." Later,the fans happily accepted the "instigation" and said to invite friends to a theater to seek excitement and entertainment.

With the reveal of the "serious taste" of information, "Who In The Mirror" officially took the opportunity to show that attitude : The film not only supernatural fantasy, and contains a lot of visual terror.In order to enable the audience to be psychologically prepared for in advance, on-chip in the set of character posters "Sfraid! Scream! Tremble! Crazy! Shocked!"

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