Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Ruin ghost smoke misty playing "ghost town" in ''Who In The Mirror'' exposure teji

"Who In The Mirror" recently released the first making the audience opened the film "fog ghost town" - witch town veil corner. The making of we will learn about the crew in order to create this unique style of "ghost town" made ​​all the design, pry out the behind the scenes hard for an excellent movie.

As a film "Who In The Mirror" takes place, this early called "witch town" 牛导演 director is defined as the sixth place in the protagonist in addition to the five hero outside. In the movie, it is a special mirror ghost city of the mirror ghost lair, ruins, the piece of the ruins, ghost smoke wander everywhere chilling contrast to the supernatural, suspense thriller horror atmosphere, crisis, again and again sinister visual experience, the whole crew under the command of the director, make every effort to build a "witch town" became the screen on the "fog ghost town"

In this subsection making, "Who In The Mirror'' photographer revealed that the filming of a scene should put a lot of smoke in order to create a "for ghost town" effect.Shoot down the whole theater, the film crew consuming a total of 10 boxes of tobacco cake, to ensure the entire film is shrouded in smoke consistent. Lighting designer in the making of said lighting group for each lens design elegant illumination angle, with the medium of the windows, roof hole, with the effect of smoke in order to achieve the visual effects of disastrous. Small light source, such as the flexible application of the lamp, brazier, lantern, flashlight, etc., also make further highlights of the witch town "ghost town" effect.

The excellence of the crew in the smoke effect, for the actor, it means that more never met difficulties. Mentioned in the making of the shooting "Who In The Mirror'', lights and smoke must be adjusted to the precision in order to begin shooting star Kenny Kwan, I often shoot a scene would have to wait more than an hour, and always shot night sleepy is the most difficult in terms of the drama of the film. Another starring Zhang Jun Han even more to complain again and again, because he has a lot of drama this smoke-filled words are written on. Shooting the scene, Zhang Jun Han came to understand the meaning of the words. Shoot the three play, the effect of smoke every time so that Zhang Jun Han, "could not see anything" He was almost blind and smoke, only by virtue of the actor's intuition to sense the lens position performance. A number of actors because of smoking too much smoke and headache and cough, but in order to film effects, we have continued to insist on shooting. June 14 to meet with a national audience of friends, "Who In The Mirror" will be more making, opened the film a few other supernatural elements continue to work for the fans, and also will mirror ghost city really the appearance of full-rate rendering.

Credits : chnxw

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