Monday, 30 January 2012

EEG Family Tenth Anniversary Celebration of Idol Fans

EEG join with a hospital,''Kite Love'' charity event was 4 December 2011 successfully completed at Island Golf Club.Playing publicly with the kite flying stars.In addition,in order to give full support to the charity,EEG artists will appeared for autographed T-shirt for donation for donation hospitals.

Unknowingly,EEG family had its tenth anniversary to celebrate their big day.EEG's ''Kite Love'' celebration was held after the event,make a public singer's fans will have the opportunity chance to thank the fans for the support.In this celebration,the fans held their first award ceremony,Certificate of Merit and gift given to the great fans in recognition of their support for their idols.All fans would resorted to every means.The day the atmosphere lively,singers and fans mingle,laugh bitterly about it.The most impressive section is nothing more than to get the ''EEG Family Extreme Big Prize''.Dance perfomance at the peak of the atmosphere to push.Artists and fans left the day with a happy mood,but also looking foward to the next EEG Family Party.

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