Sunday, 7 October 2012

Eric swelling recovery,handsome look joked that can endure 10 days incompatibility girlfriend

Eric Suen,Kenny Kwan and Michelle Wai have a shooting for radio drama yesterday,Eric has unfortunately suffer from saliva gland inflammation.Asked whether with his girlfriend Macy Chan "kiss"  can spread the disease to her or not ?Eric says with a laugh : "Kiss does not have any affect,he eat the medicines over 10 days now."

Kenny Kwan said on the last shot for radio drama is already 11 years ago immediately accused of not as handsome,he retorted : "Crazy, I do not go for looks,do the men may not only virtual shell." Michelle said finally with frequent cooperation William Chan apart, she said: "'ve always wanted to Kenny Kwan cooperation.(William Chan have girlfriend Charlene Choi don't have you ? )Yes ah,yes ah"

Credits : ent.qq

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