Friday, 8 March 2013

Kenny Kwan bought an expensive cake to get a better friendship with his collegues

Kenny Kwan had been in the Mainland filming development in the recent years,so he hadn't been in Hong Kong in a long time but he had returned Hong Kong around three weeks ago for EEG's film "特種救援英雄" and also take the oppurnity to celebrate Chinese New Year there.In the few previous week,Kenny bought a new BMW recreational vehicle drove to 中環歌賦街 and after parked the car,Kenny and his friend went to a cafe and find a director friend and chat for a while.Then,he went to the cake directory and look for the cake menu,saw the glances they walked away and join with another friend,many celebrities love to use the service to get to a nearby noble bakery,open the menu and keep looking for the cake he want to buy,and finally picked out a big cake,his friend was holding the cake when they left together.


Reporte asked Kenny whether he buy the cake for his friend's birthday,he said : "No,he bought the cake to have a party in his music company,EEG with all the collegues".Told reporters before he seen with him in movies with Deep Ng, he immediately asked the reporter "What you see her doing ?Become a "Kong" lady ?"Reporter replied "Yes ah,how did you know ?"Then he went in the car and leave.

Credits : Singtao
Personal Notes : Sorry for such a big delay,it was back to around three weeks.

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