Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sherman Chung praised that Steven is very seious

Steven Cheung who directed and starred in his first micro-film "My Georgia ... Love" premiere was held yesterday,main roles who have taken the show has arrived at the scene.Steven and Sherman are rumored couple.Steven was asked if he purposely find Sherman to be the female lead.He laughed that four of them was in the advertisement together so same to the micro film.Both of them said there is no embrassment.Steven said Kenny also have rumored.So it does not matter, the last thing is memories. Sherman Chung refers to when a director Steven never seen a serious side,he feel very attractive.

In addition,Kenny and Isabella went to Hins's home previously to have a meal, he said he do not know each other beforehand also present,also said that he was very happy to see Isabella again.Hins had said too much looking for new homes to accompany sleep, Kenny joked that Hins that the century-old home, you may have a lot of friends to accompany sleep, when added together before the meal, although a group of people pour daylight, are not left overnight .

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