Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Main Cast

The main character is finally confirm, starring Zhao Li Ying,Dai Jiao Qian and Kenny Kwan.Hope 追鱼传奇 be able to start their ceremony on April 29[tommorow] in the Long March Exhibition City Xiangjiang River pier. Produced by the fresh and sweet cure Zhao Li Ying appeared side by side Dai Jiao Qian, department of girls, idols Kenny Kwan,come and join us and interpretation of Simon between love and hate entangled, the heroic and moving love story. Stay tuned !

Credits : 追鱼传奇吧 & 电视剧追鱼传奇's Weibo
Personal Notes : Back to Beijing ??Cold again ??Suffer again ??Take care Kenny !

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