Thursday, 5 April 2012

你看我看你 BOY'Z @ Kowloon Tang You See I See You BOY'Z @ Kowloon Tang

uno / Restaurant

In recent months the rise of calls for reorganization of the surge of the boy band, Boyz in fact, as early as last year. The two boys met again separately, the food is the best reunion of topics and supporting role. Kenny's dessert class BOY'Z next year will be the tenth anniversary of the reorganization in recent years, Kenny, remember those things: "At that time a half-baked, with a program called "Boy'z can cook", to learn to do dessert, that we made a lot out of the heart, souffle, etc., there will be a period of time studying a dessert, to the supermarket to buy the material, will be driven a vehicle to find a friend to test the different parts of the desserts together near the pit to Sai Kung, and it seems that Kenny very attentively when will fully do one thing. He likes Chinese cuisine: Cantonese food, because I think a very delicate and wok gas are sufficient. "Kenny, now occasionally to the mainland filming, there can not choose to eat Cantonese food, they should have to try something else:" I recently tried Dongbei, I like their snacks, small dish with tofu, bamboo shoots, than Sichuan cuisine, I'm afraid of spicy Sichuan dishes too spicy. "Kenny, eat light, and eat healthy , chicken and delicious but do not eat, but also eat less fried food, plus like to eat different fruits, so the skin is also good, however, there is one thing he can not resist: "I really sweets resistance home, put a few rows of chocolate, I can breath and eat up, no wonder so fat. "His laugh and looked at himself. Years of partner, he will people shop Qiwei powder half bottles are placed on the surface, his clear understanding of the eating habits of Steven in the chest: "He eat anything, like add a lot of seasoning, a long time before with him to eat Ramen go, I want to open the shop will be at a loss, He is also enjoying a very strong taste, eat very salty will eat sweet, in short, I have a lot of difference. "

Credits : Mens Uno HK

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