Monday, 25 February 2013

Steven was mistaken Kenny running full marathon that came off man tears

EEG's singers,Sherman Chung,Kenny Kwan,Steven Cheung,Kathy Yuen and other attend different levels of marathon,five years ago,Steven challenge the full marathon and come to grief,he said "That time,I went to the bus,so hot !"He said he ran til half then leg pain,thanks to 譚俊彥 and others for supporting : "But there are many people called me Kenny !"He past by the place he ran that time "失敗之地",Western Habour Crossing touched him,more at the end of the line waiting for his singer friends hugged and wept !The second year of the competition's Kenny also praised Steven perseverance,significant the media persuade Kenny's rumor close friend ran for the marathon.

Credits : On.CC

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