Friday, 8 February 2013

Deep injured his hand so he had to be careful when jogging

Singer Deep Ng,Steven Cheung and Kenny Kwan did their pratice for the upcoming marathon.Deep's left hand wrapped in gauze because he got scaled when he was pouring hot water : I've let go into the cold water instantly went to the hospital after disinfection, according to the daily household should disinfect (Will it affect the competition ?)It won't but when I run and then got sweating will make me feel the pain.Steven Cheung threatened to run full distance will last until the end of it.

Kenny's rumored close friend,Hins Cheung was rumored that he might join EEG,Kenny said he is not sure about it,was asked if he will give Hins any birthday presents ?He smiled and said : He gave me a towel previously,now I give him grass.

Credits : On.CC

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