Thursday, 14 February 2013

Steven Cheung earned 6000 dollars while Ken Hung work on Velentines Day acknowledge his lover,Kathy Yuen

Member of Boyz,Kenny Kwan and Steven,rumored boyfriend and girlfriend,Ken Hung and Kathy Yuen attended an event together yesterday,Kenny Kwan said that Steven Cheung had signed a contract with TVB and received around 6000 dollars,discuss whether liked to act or sing more,he said he love both but he also said filming need a greater power.Kenny Kwan was asked if he earned much in Mainland series,enought to buy a house in Hong Kong ?He said with a smile : "Failed to resistance ? Quite million points live it ? Larger units are so expensive to buy in Hong Kong."He said he went to his boss Albert Yeung's house to celebreate Chinese New Year,and received five digits number of money.Kenny Kwan and Steven Cheung had be disbanded the group in the earlier time but friendship still remains.

Credits : Yahoo
Personal Notes : Is it my translation wrong on 張致恆和關智斌雖早已拆夥,但感情依然。 ???*heartattack

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