Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hins and Kenny assessment acting "麻麻"

 Hong Kong Hins Cheung  and Alice Lau, Luo Guan Lan starring drama "我和秋天有個約會" held the first 11 games, and announced the good news to the enthusiastic response to the tickets for each additional 22-seat, but frankly sight of local seat may be blocked; every Saturday and Sunday, will be staged in two, based on last night (Sunday) Hins could not help but say a little hard, but is quite happy with a number of theatrical predecessors cooperation,debut in 26 games, theater, and learned a lot to live up less money to stop other work for three months to prepare for performances. Mentioned a friend, Kenny Kwan, Hins said : "When he had seen, and also to play in the Mainland when the identity of the actor, given the comment that my acting," Ma Ma ", that I am a little better (physique in place reviews ?) stature, it is estimated that he should be very jealous I am better than him, because in the Mainland to eat a lot, into the bucket body, What happened was he wanted to burst the two plays, and there to turn off the 20 group play called. "

Credits : paper.wenweipo

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