Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Found out that 激凸 Eliza Sam drama cited aberdeen buried body

Eliza Sam went Australia for shooting,unexpectedly pounds decreased rather than increased,of course Eliza won't have no money,her drama "Sniper Attack 2013" was act in Kowloon outdoor,however,due to her shirt next to skin,still make some effect,she was the only SDUD female actress,no wonder as if ants see honey,all of the SDUD member teased her !

Eliza's shooting from Australia the travel special back, she said local real treat to eat a lot of seafood, such as two fists abalone,knowingly still filming her considerable restraint,so this trip instead light a pound while back.

Be Careful of the Boys Lay Siege To

Eliza's role in Sniper Attack 2013 is the first time having an acting with Steven.Prior morning with SDUD gangs act at outdoor at Kowloon,the story was about they two dating without the knowledge of the crowd,and it was revealed in the restaurant that made them embrassed,the director ask them to play more,so they simply really play, shooting atmosphere is quite relaxed.

A polite play,of course the wrong of wrong,Steven and Eliza flak,as Eliza was the only female actress there,and she wore somehow sexy tee,in addition with the sweet and pretty look,believed that any male should have some eye contact,other actor could not help her to pour more than two,of course, the money lenders Steven on the most benefit from it ! But be careful of the boys lay siege to.

Credits : IHKTV
Personal Notes : Sorry for the bad translation and I have no idea what's the word for the tittle,I asked my friend and my friend said it has no meaning so I can't translate,sorry !

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