Thursday, 5 September 2013

Steven's Character In Sniper Standoff

Name : 安亞哲
Age : 27
Job Postion : Sniper Slugger
Personalities : Confident,Shrewd,Agile,Energetic,Love to Challenge the Limit

Since small,he's smart,naive,conscious and outstanding.His parents love him very much. After graduating with honors successfully admitted to become a SDU member and had been a meteoric rise, and thus cultivate his confident personality.

In the SDUD,he consciously is a high capacity until Lai Zhen(Eliza Sam) appeared so he finally be tested.He initially despised was the female SDU,Lai Zhen that she's alone has been inferior to any one physical of a SDU members, so from time to time make fun of her and challenged her ability, each time when he saw Lai Zhen being powerless,he will have a sarcastic laugh .Later on,he saw Lai Zhen keep on fighting and amazing perseverance, then on her new light, and even after initiation of love, expand the pursuit. Although he soon discovered had Zhen had her own etc but the attitude of holding adaptable, quickly adjust the mood, back to work.

Credits : TVB

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