Wednesday, 9 October 2013

I'm Back~~~

Hi guys,I'm finally back after finishing my exam !Hopefully my results will be good haha.Anyway,I'll stable everything as good as possible and thanks to those who are still viewing this blog,and I'm so sorry for lately this whole year.I do see myself spamming everything and didn't watch much drama where honestly I can tell you I didn't really manage or plan much about watching.As I said previously(Or didn't I ?),I have a very poor Internet connection,so I can only sometimes watch the best...I can only manage to watch TVBs one,cause it's already in my TV...but I do know what's going on with the show though,which actually make me changes my emotion during exams =.='' and for some reasons I drop my "Living Skills"'s totally killing me..but nevermind it's my school exam not goverment...hahaha...anyway,thanks to those who are still keeping in touch with this blog and I think I shall set up an email to interact with you guys,cause I never really know everyone here...only one...

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