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Alot of Pseudo Habitat Youth's Nightfall

Kenny Kwan : Not Afraid of Being a "Newcomer" Forever

Kenny Kwan join Boyz in the year of 2003 as the male version of Twins,received alot of attention from audience.But only famous because of Twins.Boyz left,Kenny became solo and join back,these and that,now on the process of famous-ing,Kenny Kwan is not afraid to continue the destiny.

Kenny Kwan used to overboard study in Canada.In the year of 2003,Kenny and Steven made a combination called Boyz.In the year of 2005,Kenny Kwan decided to become a solo artist.Til now Kenny Kwan had debuted 5 solo albums.Kenny with Steven as Boyz get alot of good attentions from audience,always been the most handsome male group singers.When 追鱼传奇,Hunan TV's series started to broadccast,Kenny achieved alot of great and strong performance ratings and since then he began to emerge in Mainland.

Kenny who took roles from many domestic dramas,from model to actor never afraid to be a "newcomer" as always,never afraid to restart the journey,and never afraid and mind to be Mainland's "non-star" treatment.For example,Kenny live in "lousy"(Not too sure with that exact word) hotel when filming in Hengdian.For example,there's no fans hanging banner of his name.(OK,I hope I did not translate this line wrongly because it will hurt me and others).Kenny Kwan do not care all of those above,Kenny cares if all the roles he took got recognization from audience.

He now focus on his shifts in Mainland as a Hong Kong boy.He is still trying to uprade his Mandarin,not setting a too high position for himself so he can get more space to improve.Millioned-fans idol ?Chanticleer godfather ?These are not what he wants,pragmatically being yourself,one of the biggest match.

About his Career,Hope to Get More Recognization

Kenny Kwan's career path is "ups and downs".Debuted in the year of 2003 as Boy'z,male version of Twins had get alot of attention from audience.Boyz left,Kenny became solo and join back and now not known as too purple-red.In the acting part,Kenny had challenged alot of different roles,rarely impressive, until he put focus to the Mainland's "追鱼传奇" and then began to make improvement in his career.

Q & A Session

Q : The show you filmed "追鱼传奇" had alot of good response and good ratings,how many times had you filmed in Mainland ?What is the differences between Hong Kong and Mainland series ?

A : I had filmed alot of times in Mainlands,but for ancient series,"追鱼传奇" is the third time.The differences between Hong Kong and Mainland series is they will broadcast in a fast-paced, and there's a great director with the production team,the biggest difference is the ability to exercise my Mandarin.

Q : Now you have a lot of domestic work,will you continue your shift in Mainland ?

A : Will ah,these recent two years,I had been filming in Mainland.Although I'm still a newcomer for this but I'm very happy to get alot of chances to perform,also hope there's more audience will know me.

Q : You had get alot of awards in the singing base,now in the acting abse,what is the most sastifying series from yourself ?What kind of recognization do you want to get in the future ?

A : My most sastifying series is "Banana Boy" and "追鱼传奇".The kind of recognization I hope to get is to get more and more recognization from more audience.

Q : Your wish is to become a successful artise,what is your definition for a sucessful artiste ?To get awards or to get more likes from more audience ?

A : My definition for a successful artise is not to get alot of awards,is to hope to get this definition through my work,more recognization from singing and acting,that will already fulfill me.

About Myself,Like to Be Youth as a Fake Youth

Q : Capricorn is also a stuffy(If it's not stuffy then boring,not sure),do you think you're that type ?If you need to use a word to describe yourself,what could it be ?

A : I'm not stuffy.I'm one who like to act like a youth as a fake youth.

Q : You onced said you want to travel to Europe for a year,why would you love it so much ?

A : To me,traveling is a way to relief stress.When I film,I'm only in one place.When I'm done filming,I hope to travel,to get a better vision.

Q : You said before death,Iceland is a must-go place,i there  any reason for it ?

A : It is because Iceland is a place with very few landscape,it is very unique,I like Iceland.There's many places I had been,I hope I get to see a different view,that is why I want to go this unique place.

Q : You have a good body shape,is there anything to share with us about your body shape ?

A : I like sporting,I would want to try all types of sports.Besides,taking care of mentality is important,have a good way of eating is important too.Less oil and less monosodium glutamate those type.

Q : When you're not working,how will you call it a day ?

A : Abode as a house-male(or known as Otaku) in house the whole day,haha.I like to bbe alone myself,reading mangas(or manhwa) or sufring the net also would call a day.

Q : What kind of book do you read usually ?What's the most recent book you've read ?

A : I like detective-type book,I'm reading "假面山庄杀人事件" recently.

About Love,Want a Normal Relationship

Q : In "追鱼传奇" bittered-life swans finally get together,would you want these kind of love ?What kind of love are you looking foward to ?

A : I won't.The story is very tortuous drama that will attract everyone to see,I would want a normal relationship.I like each other giving space to each other,even if each other is not talking but understand what each other wants.

Q : What's your specific plan for future ?For example,when wwill you done what you wanted to do and when will your life most biggest thing(Marry and dating all those,can't think the specific word,sorry !)

A :  My future plan is keep filming then traveling then filming then travelling again til die.

Q : What is happiness to you ?Do you think you're in a happiness form now ?

A : I think I'm in a very happiness mode now.I can do what I like to do now,my family and friends supports me,there's audience who like me,also there's people who saw my efforts and willing to give me chances.I'm still working hard for my fitness,,making myself having a healthy life.With these,I can do more things to everyone.

Q : You was used to rumored that you live with Hins Cheung,how do yoou see bisexual ?

A : I'm not really sure why these kind of rumors come out,Hins Cheung wrote me a lyrics for "预言书" in the year of 2007 and then reporters said they took those don't know what intimate photos,when both relationships are better will be known as love ah ?I'm open minded for bisexuals.

Credits :PCLady

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