Sunday, 23 February 2014

Western Harbour Crossing hardest run,Steven Cheung in the move

This year Standard Chartered marathon was participated by Kenny and Sherman for the 10km run while Steven participated full marathon.Before starting the run,Kenny joked : "Hope to get back there and I brought camera to snap pictures".In results,Steven used 5 hours 34 minutes to complete the run.

Steven estimated that he would complete the run in a 6 hours duration.Kenny prepared to take the camera to wait for him.Steven said there is a segment in there.Back to years,when they had their first marathon,Kenny did waited for Steven,but after a long time,Steven did not appear.It is because Steven took the bus and ran away before the marathon finished.Then,Kenny said he would not wait for Steven again.

This time,Kenny took his camera and wait for me(Steven) to appeared,I felt very touched,I must have a meal with him,also said marathon is his objective.Steven hope to go to different countries to run,he also said : "I do not want to become a atheletes,I just don't want myself to become a lazy human"

Steven had done warm up activities nine times so that it would not made the muscles to cramp.He also rested 15 minutes to continue his run.Asked if anyone recognized him,he said : "Everyone also recognized me as Kenny"

Kenny said that 10km run is a relaxed run,the results was not bad too.He only used 51 minutes,it is the best results for 10km runners among the artist.Pakho Chau used 1 hour and 2 minute for his 10km run.Besides Kenny also said that his results had improved compared to 2013.He also ate 禁藥 if it's not mistaken.In addition,Kenny is more powerful now.

Credits : Apple Daily
Personal Notes : Really sorry I skipped some of the parts involving Boyz,I had no idea what's the meaning of the word T.T

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