Thursday, 5 July 2012

《追鱼传奇》Cao Xin Yue decorated female song dynasty cock wire

Tong Sum and Zhang Zhen konwn since small

吴锦源 served as producer, 黄锦田,陈国华 directed, gathered in the ancient myth of Mainland and Hong Kong's well-known pop star co-starred in the TV drama "追鱼传奇" is Hengdian World Studios tight the gong flag drum shooting.Coincides with the hot weather, played by Tong Sum of Cao Xin Yue is still an encouraging sparrow like bounce hard shot in the studio.

"追鱼传奇" drawn from the Shao Xing opera template movie "追鱼" is 徐玉兰 representative works of Jane Wang and other artists prime shot, is a valuable art information in the Chinese Opera. The story recounts the metamorphosis of humanoid ashore for the dragon king selected the longevity of the carp fine red silk, a coincidental encounter youth scholar Zhang Zhen, the red damask incarnation of Jane's fiancee prime minister pet of gold peony and Zhang Zhen shall the contrary, the more trouble busy to each other and are caught in a love, waiting for them is a set of golden peony and father, prime minister of gold pet and a vicious trap.

The drama, played by Cao Xin Yue as Tong Sum and childhood friend,Zhang Zhen.Zhang Zhen's father, Zhang Wen Xiang killed, followed by Zhang Zhen, "tomboy" character of the Tong Sum about with query Wen Xiang the cause of death.Cao Xin Yue not having land no house, his parents died, alone, and ultimately brilliant, bottoming out on to the bowl of rice, stick a pillow and fell asleep. So playful doggerel to describe their own plays the song dynasty cock wire.

Credits : Sina

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