Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Nicholas Tse enough teeth force to lead the charge

EEG's singer Steven Cheung plotting directed short film competition, the busy burst favors card invitation of the parties to Friends debut, Nicholas Tse apart from anything else his help, seriously too. In addition, Nicholas last night appeared in Causeway Bay, put down the weekdays cool burst image, Enterprise Street, blowing the water.

Only three short documentary directed by Steven, four minutes, but he has this value,plans to spend the entire month shooting. Video at the meanings behind a long way to go, looking with the wrong audience introspection and reflection, Steven intend to invite more than 60 friendly friend to participate in the filming, the head of the original,senior Nicholas Tse !

It is reported, Steven felt promoted to CEO,Nicholas eloquence even more clever, plus, as the idol of his words and deeds of a certain influence, so the opening to the Nicholas period, think of each other that is, approval, personally to be an unlimited number of support, Steven was very touched. Speaking of the "BB", Steven that : "In fact,Article film, Nicholas eventually only unveiled a few seconds, For into things Wuxiang by home to talk too much, the time is ripe GOD first. (Still have side of a helper?)Confidentiality, but little  celebrity Hello (Yourself ?) will, may be placed last friends."

Case team enterprises, location Street Chit

Nicholas last night coming out of its Causeway Bay,the company downstairs,coincides with the Jet Li film "不二神探" also shot in a nearby crane stunt scenes, Nicholas encounter familiar staff, that is, "Eason Chan went through Nicholas" waterblowing, appeared in the same field, Stephanie Che, all show a considerable jump for joy. Although the temperature close to 30 degrees, but a sweater dress, a hat, he seems to "heat" very successful "bragging" a, Nicholas was reluctant to say goodbye upstairs, continue to work.

Credits : On.CC

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