Saturday, 15 September 2012

《追鱼传奇》Cao Xin Yue review self looking of the enchance

By famous Hong Kong director 吴锦源 executive producer of ancient drama "追鱼传奇" shot in Hengdian coming to an end,Cao Xin Yue contact the reporters to start their own performances in the play seriously and deeply review. When compared to the other films in the past, Cao Xin Yue to talk about "追鱼传奇" play the role of their own, played by Tong Sum comedy more emotionally quite rich ingredients. She shot past works, drama accounted for the majority, emotional drama did not how contaminated in the process of shooting "追鱼传奇“,she began to find some small deficiencies.

Cao Xin Yue's reflection when humbly listen to the guidance of professionals specialized in the field to learn from Bai Shan's performances.Bai Shan--a frequent smile, graceful charm and skill points to the basis, which makes Cao Xin Yue benefited also realize some own truth : While the actor is acting in place, but also can not ignore the aesthetic demands of the audience actor gesture, the actress every move should United States, so we also have to constantly improve their performances beauty standards and do a good actor Millia, be sure to later emotional scene hone their.

For the filming of "追鱼传奇" process their sincere pay this summer,Cao Xin Yue also hope to have cooperation in many drama producer famous Hong Kong director 吴锦源 turn in a satisfactory respondents also expect themselves through these three months thescorching heat to hone afford to improved professional

Credits : Sina
Personal Notes : Sorry for the delayed post...this was back to months....sorry that I wasn't alert ! ><

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