Monday, 17 September 2012

Steven's new starts

Work in the entertainment industry, are most afraid of being forgotten. The end of this year, Steven Cheung days of the first decade of the entrants. His identity from Boy'z to Sun Boy'z comeback composed Boy'z last year with Kenny, how many people remember ? Steven look back 10 years, to bluntly man is a failure."Four years ago, Sun Boy'z dissolution, the monthly income of only two thousand dollars,decadent life, is fortunate enough friends Zac help solve the problem before bottoming out." 28-year-old, he decided to start a new journey, or whether it can be successful ? Everything is premature, but the eyes of the audience is always sharp.

Steven failed, because the lazy due."From the kindergarten,he has hate reading, reading hard on the court only slept in sleep,even the teachers are lazy and management,educated only one degree."

He laughed and said that the only saving grace is the shape curry favor, when models. Sister took me to a model, but the company too low qualifications final reading to five, no test EEG was contracted with Kenny Kwan,the boy band Boy'z debut."

From the Clutch is still You

In 2003, Boy'z buttressed by the male version of the Twins,big sell youth dance, won the young people, shook the music even won a combination of new blood Gold Award in the same year. "18-year-old to earn 600,000, then very happy day." Cooperation two years, Kenny for personal development, Kenny was replaced by Dennis Mak,second generation Boy'z, to 2006,add new member William Chan into a trio, and changed its name to Sun Boy'z from the clutch, in Sun Boy'z 2008 dissolution. Steven language with a sigh: "After the dissolution of very lost and do not know their own positioning in the entertainment industry, actors, singers or artistes ? Then wanted to surrender, but surrender to involve too many things. After workload seldom, income is only two thousand yuan, no money, but to continue with my friends to the bar to play week drunk at least three days, not to mention the company to abandon me, even I gave up. "
Decadent too, I've lost the support of the Friends Fortunately, the young man in the low tide. Zac with me to the home of the artist, the pastor's remarks made ​​me resuscitation, he said that the main will be placed in different positions, as an artist, green leaves and good singer or everyone has their survival value. "

Lazy too Miss the Party Knowingly Weight

He sighed in fact around has been no lack of opportunity, but because they are lazy and everytime missed. "Last year,joint venture with a friend to open his studio, the biggest gain is learned to have a sense of responsibility, must always pay the rent and am grateful for the company again, let me give a chance with Kenny fit, in fact he is the only one strives, because I do not want to work hard, and so will all work can give him most want him to go to different places performance in the future, he recently busy filming, I was busy shooting micro film, composed a new song with a friend, so he came back to the folder song."Come back to tell fans, re-starting feeling is,how ?

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