Sunday, 3 November 2013

Kenny "honey" dated Hins Cheung

Hins Cheung and his rumored close friend,Kenny Kwan's relationship went better and they're inseperable in most of the time.

Hins Cheung and Kenny Kwan's had been rumored for years,eventhough it had also rumored that Hubert Wu and Alfred Hui but their relationship still remains.In the recent years,their rumored relationship did not change and recently Hins joint EEG.Both of them become brothers in EEG,their relationship will increase gradually too.

In the past few days,Hins had a dinner with Paisley Wu and few good friends in Causeway Bay.Kenny became 阿四 to greet friends.After dinner they two rear feet deliberately keep their distance but Kenny who walk first did not turn back and see Hins.Til Kenny went to the car,the following Hins also sit beside the driver.

Credits : On.CC
Personal Notes : Sorry,not usre about mucb words there...a bit blur...

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