Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Steven Cheung take the risk to go down the hill

Steven Cheung joint a trailwalk activites,need to walk for 100 kilometres in 2 days.Steven who used to thought trailwalking is easier than marathons but now realised trailwalking need alot of will power.Steven said : "I gave up trailwalking after reaching 43km last year,when I did reach 80km,it's really hard as I can't get to sleep.My leg had blister this time.There's a time my eyes lose consciousness."Fortunately,I rested for 25 minutes and my friends gave some fried rice to strengthen my power,lastly,we finished our trailwalking.Reporters asked if there's any thrilling things.Steven fortunately get motivation from friends or else he might had gave up.

Stevn who first time finished a 100km trailwalk was very touched.He is trying to challenge himself for Taiwan's 環島遊.As for work,Steven will take Sean Lau as motivation,and think idol has a humor and serious side, very eager to form lasting bonds with Johnny To.

Credits : On.CC

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