Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Isabella Leong wants to retun to film

The 24 year old Isabella Leong Lok Si after giving birth to three sons for her former boyfriend Richard Li stayed in Toronto, Canada to raise them. Recently she secretly returned to Hong Kong and two nights ago she met her god father Anthony Wong Chau Sang in the home of Hins Cheung King Hin and partied with Kenny Kwan Chi Bun and others from 9PM to 5AM. The mother has matured a lot. Leong Lok Si is a hot property in the film industry as many directors want to invite her to return. Chau Sang revealed that Leong Lok Si's acting bug is acting up as she revealed to him that she was bored and wanted to return to film!

Leong Lok Si was once known as the new star with the most potential in the film industry, many directors still want to invite her to return to film. At the end of last year Fruit Chan Gor's film Lost On A Red Mini Bus To Taipo approached her but nothing came of it.

Leong Lok Si two nights ago met with Wong Chau Sun and Cheung King Hin at Cheung King Hin's home. Also on hand was Kenny Kwan Chi Bun, Jim Chim Shui Man's former wife Olivia Yen Wing Pui. The dinner began around 9PM, Chau Sun cooked a candle lit dinner. The maid Razel who has worked with Cheung King Hin before picked up a guitar and performed. Around 5am, Chau Sang posted photos with Leong Lok Si, Cheung King Hin, Kwan Chi Bun and Yen Wing Pui online and described the night as a "fantasy". Wong Chau Sang said that Leong Lok Si did not bring her sons on this trip, but she said to him that she wanted to return to film.

Chau Sang said : "This party had 9 people, ran until sunrise. We chatted and drank over 5am. I cooked pasta and clam chowder, which had everyone licking their lips. Kenny even cleaned out the pot of clam. Hins performed a Jazz song. Hins's English style heritage house was very right for a nobility like Isabella."

Did Leong Lok Si bring her 3 sons? Chau Sang said, "No, no one should think about that. She wouldn't take the children and go around. The adult is already the media hound, with children any injury would be bad. It would be too dangerous. This time she only stayed for 2 or 3 days. She said that she was bored and wanted to make movies; I asked her what about the children? I ask anyone who wanted her to make a movie not to think about it, she has her own ideas. I always tell her to learn more, to pass the time and increase her own worth." Hins praised Chau Sang online, "In the movies he is a master of top notch acting. Off the screen he is a man of the house with extraordinary cooking skills. Last night was about food, drama, music, life, and a lot more. I am thankful to have a night like this in my life!"

Hin Jai said : "because next year I will work with Brother Chau Sang on a play, I wanted to become his disciple so I invited him to dinner at my home. Coincidentally Leong Lok Si returned to Hong Kong to visit her godfather. We haven't seen each other for years and were very happy to catch up, but we tried to give them more time together. (Do you want to perform in a play with Leong Lok Si?) You have to ask her, I am already very happy that we are friends."

Credits : Asian Fanatics

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