Friday, 17 May 2013

Kenny jump precipely

Kenny film in Mainland to earn RMB in the recently years,from the old days whitening Kenny,nowadays became more mature and masculinity. Recently, he appeared in Taiwan, frequent challenges of extreme sports, turned into a sportsman !

Kenny with mustache recently made him more man looking,previous days,he shared out his cycling trip,threatened 30 km !Kenny also uploaded his "muscle" pictures,"引死(I know the meaning but there is no explaination words !)" female fans.Later on,Kenny and his friends cycled til Hualien(A place in Taiwan),shared out the full image of him jumping precipely.Each of them wearing protective clothing and wearing a helmet, and then put on the Superman like pose,it looks very funny.Although Kenny did not post a full live jumping process picture, but he was on the set one jumping in the waterfall,sigh the coffee photo and said: "平時睇人玩跳涯都好型,我盡咗力!哈哈!繼續扮文藝流浪青年喺瀑布旁煲咖啡...作狀到呢..."

In the photo,Kenny looked quite mature with his curly hair.Many fans comment tthat the past years ''小白臉" is missing,also some fans comment and say funny and manly "Uncle Chi Bun".Although today Kenny wash away Sentimental, but are still many netizens praised "handsome" !

Credits : On.CC
Personal Notes : Sorry !I have no idea how to translate the tittle..

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