Saturday, 4 May 2013

Michelle Bai is unbearable to laugh and refused that Kenny Kwan speaks about love

Michelle joint EEG in the year of 2006,had joint a film called "As The Light Goes Out" last year,then only she had a great friendship with Kenny Kwan.Kenny said : "Me and her,for Sze Nga,I always study about constellations,co workers always praise Michelle that she had alot of accomplishments,bought alot of presents fro me during Christmas,a good heart girl."

Both of them played the scene where made the scene sounded very dust.However,Michelle Bai recently wore sexy costumes for her Mainland ancient series,made Kenny feel stunning !He said : "I can't recognised it's her !Usually we are in a dirty condition during the scenes and the constract is very far from what I usually see.Now I finally understand why is she so "fire" in Mainland,because she can act in various character !"Kenny also said : "The funniest is when I discuss with Hu Jun what is the most entertaining place in Beijing because Michelle doesn't knows it and ask us to bring her there next time."Kenny said with a smile : "This couple must be very noisy !"Michelle said : "Can't bee too affectionate,must be very funny !"It seems that they are very suitable to be siblings.

Credits : On.CC

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