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Acting is more harder than singing but more happier

Little Q Hengdian Diary : "新活佛濟公" Hengdian Hot Shot,Kenny Kwan film the dangerous scene on the mountain to lake off

For a 80s people to say,he is the sunshine of the Boyz,but for the younger generation,he is the stars of "追鱼传奇" Zhang Zhen,and also the flower prince of the Banana Boy,章楠.Kenny joint the industry in the year of 2003.From the hot attention from the audience,he went to Mainland to film.To the current explosion of his famous on the Mainland show,things he had not been changed is his handsomeness.But compared to a few years ago, his face a bit less childish but more mature now. After several years of sedimentation, he also put his career focus shifted to Mainland.

Kenny Kwan who is filming "新活佛濟公" in Hengdian take the advantage to film and accepted 大浙文娱's exclusive interview.

K as Kenny
R as 大浙文娱's Reporter

During the filming of "追鱼传奇" everday heatstroke,denied the worth of his healthy for his series ratings.

R : Recently "追鱼传奇" is a very hot issue,also filmed in Hengdian ?
K : Yes ah,it is filmed one year ago,also in July and August,also in the hot season.I still remember that time filming,almost everyday heatstroke,later on I have hotstroke habit,you say la how scary was it.Once heatstroke.I need to rest for a while,drink some green bean soup and later on film back.
R : Your series seems to be the whole China ranking number 1 ?
K : Yes,but I had never thinked of it,but I'm very happy for it.It is because I had film for an amount of series but because of some reasons,the ranking was not these good.I had never thinked this time the ranking was so good.We had done some press conference,also do a lot of arrangement like interviews and Happy Camp ...... unlike my previous drama,finished and left.
R : Since the ratings are good,would it be worth for the soaring ?
K : I cannot ah,people willing to find me to film,I'm already happy.It is because I feel very happy for myself,the ratings for this time is so good but I only filmed in Mainland since this two three years compared to other people,I'm also a newcomer.To me,the artist and directors who had cooperate with me gave me good comments,it is more meaningful than price.
R : Now is there more drama to be filmed ?
K : Got ah,got some people watched "追鱼传奇" and find me to film,I feel thankful that they appreciate me,I hope if possible,I can film in more one person many roles,each roles also can film.It is because every film has a better experience.

Premier time,partner Benny Chan,wearing ancient costume looks cool

R : Recently,you're filming "新济公活佛",what's the role ?
K : Actually the role is very interesting.I think comedy is fun, because no one find me to film this type of comedy.This time my partner is Ho Man brother,he felt that my rhythm is in place and I feel very happy,everything I don't want to do but everything also I want.But after this role lost a life in an accident,济公 find an oppurnity to taught me a lesson,made me to become a better person.Later on,I learnt alot and became a useful person,considered as a very inspirational story.
R : First time to partner with Ho Man ?
K : Second time already,first time was "秦香莲".This time he said it was different to film with me this time.It is very different from four years ago.That time I'm still like a kid,he felt a bit messy but now is better.
R : Recently keep filming in Mainland,how long to go back to Hong Kong once ?
K : I hope after finished filming "新济公活佛",I can go back in a half month duration and then I will shoot another drama in Hangzhou.

Use Mandarin to film made opponents to laugh and add kiss scene on their own

R : You had film with so many female actress,which one do you think is the most romantic ?
K : In fact, I think they really take care of me, especially a lot of mainland artist. For example,myMandarin is not very good, and they let me on the show with them in Cantonese. I used to have tried, but took a few days, I feel very uncomfortable, they still insist on using Mandarin, which is more helpful to each other into the mood.
R : When you use Mandarin,will you made each other laugh ?
K : Yes,I tired before.After using Mandarin,they said "You said in Cantonese is like very different",and I used all in Mandarin,then just when speaking use Mandarin but now better.
R : I realised you have alot of kiss scene with femal artist,which one has the softest lips ?
K : During the filming time,I never thought of it la.It is because during the time I was filming is very natural.When I had thought of it,there is never a kiss scene but I told my partner will think this a drama emotional level has to be kissing,if we don't kiss,there's no efforts.So when we have kiss scene,instead of thinking to compare better don't comapre.

Singing became acting because once thought of giving up,too hard
R : Actually Maindland audience is the one who first know you,maybe because you're Boyz that time but after 2005,you're not so active in front of the screen, especially on the Mainland audience.
K : Yeah,because after the year of 2005,Boyz is disband,then I had my own solo EP untill 2008 or 2009 but main is in Hong Kong.Til 2008 or 2009,I felt singing is like going to bottleneck so I'm not so in singing anymore.In addition the singing industry is not so good anymore,lesser people buy albums,so I wanted to try in going to another direction.Remembered during the year of 2009,I told my manager that I don't want to have an album right now,wanted to try in filming,find a role that suits me.My luck is very good,many Hong Kong artist used me,the more luckier is maybe they think I'm pretty obedient, do not be late and very humble.So basically every worked with the director and later will again co-operation. This, for me, it can be considered a certainty. So from that time on, I wanted to focus on acting.
R : Actually you filmed so many dramas,which one you think you crumble with ?
K : Actually when filming "追鱼传奇",I had some not good in drawing the line.At that time I was very nervous, because it is the first time I played so important a role in heavy scenes, a total of more than six hundred scene, so sometimes I fear I will not afford. Later, I really think it is very easy, because the scene of the problem, show jumping usually shoot, so for example, I played the morning when Zhang Zhen was 18 years old, but in the afternoon, we may have to become a 30 years old Zhang Zhen, and then changed back again into the night 18 years ...... so jumping around, but for me, this is a good experience.
R : Comparing singing and filming,which one you like the most ?
K : Actually it's hard to say.It is because when I'm on stage singing, will be very satisfying, audience response is very direct, they will be very warm, kept shouting your name, so I am very excited, but when you finish a show home after the end of may on their own to eat a packet of instant noodles only. If the change is for acting, and that some of the process on the president, but when the results came out, so others will remember you. When you get praise or positive ratings when that sense of accomplishment is nothing else than the singing.
R : Previously singing can made you ear alot of money,now you had to wear alot of thick costume to film,is there any regrets ?
K : I remember once going to a very remote place filming, when I opened the door of the hotel, why not make good wanted me to sing. Because singing usually live a good hotel, the treatment is very good. But then I thought, when filming Although the process is tough, but the more difficult, the more you will cherish the experience gained. Because different with singing, filming is a group work, hard work is not just a person you all the behind the scenes team is with you hard, but after the show aired, people will remember you, do not know behind the scenes to help me with some bean soup ,car drivers and so help me, so I will be more grateful when filming them. Business for the time, it may be famous too fast, basically those two years I have not experienced the things do not go well, so a lot of things you will think it is a matter of course. A lot of people helped me hair, do modeling, I will say thank you, but not from the heart, because I think this is normal. Later, a man to the mainland filming, I even understand that these things are not supposed to. I did not see the other actors who sometimes get a haircut, and some newcomers even assistants are not, what should go and get yourself a man, I feel very happy.

Cooperate with Hins Cheung : We Are Not Lovers !

R : Hins Cheung joint EEG,press conference that day,why didn't you go ?
K : It is because I was filming in Hengdian that day,but I sent him a VCR.
R : There are news said he will cooperate with you as a lover,are you OK with it ?
K : That news scrawl, he did not say so, I've asked,I'm not couple with him.But of course it does not matter cooperation,even before I sang the song he wrote.
R : He is very talented in the creation, you will not talk to him privately for advice about creation or when the producer's experience?
K : If I really wanted to make people take the time to go.We are talking privately about some silly gossip,if I private talked with Ah Sa,Joey,they are cut in private talk,nonsense, it should only ten words or not to.Things work but rarely talk about.
R : Now,are you ready to create another new alubm ? 
K : Now,there's no but I really want.I had reached a bottleneck because I did not learn something new, he could not pay refreshing work to the audience. But after years of non-stop filming, plus a backpack trip to Europe, go cycling around the island of Taiwan and so on, with the vision to become a completely different before. So I think that if I made ​​an album now and then, it would tell me what the performance is very different from before. But the trick had finished first, just think this thing.
R : Do you have a new plan for your future then ?
K : Company know my plan is filming in the Mainland,so in recent years,there is another small program, you may write a book.
R : Which part of books ?
K : On tour, there will be some photos I shot there to write some articles.
R : Then,will you think to write your own lyrics ?
K : Got chance ba,hope I have talent on it.(Smile)

Credits : ZJ.QQ

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