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"追鱼传奇" Kenny Kwan show his muscles to fans during Chinese Valentine Day

During the Chinese Valentines Day,13th August,from "追鱼传奇"'s cute silly scholar,Zhang Zhen(Kenny Kwan) went to Beijing to have an intimate contact with fans.Kenny and fans have alot of interaction and sharement with fans about "追鱼传奇".

Kenny Kwan show his muscles and stunned the fans at the location

During Chinese Valentines Day,Kenny dressed up fashionablely to see his fans,made female fans breathe coldly while made male fans outstone.It seems that idol siu sang is not wasted to be on your name."追鱼传奇"Kenny Kwan plays as the scholar,Zhang Zhen is an emotional foolishly silly but it has extraordinary talents of young people to play a good scholar appearance.Kenny Kwan has a big change to go play refined bookish men to fashionable style to meet and greet the fans.There are tricky questions fans have requested intimate self, as well as to send a variety of small gifts, a great intimacy with the idol in the end of the trend.

When fans make their own requirements,Kenny Kwan think most sturdy action,he put off his coat and show his strong muscles, build up to a big show, not tell idol handsome man still quite material.Frail scholar turned muscular tough guy, you know that he's a silly scholar in "追鱼传奇" ?And also talked about his own past had the sturdy youth, reading his courage during the particularly large, the first long-distance travel is not to tell their parents in the case, it only took two thousand dollars and a friend went to the Philippines, said Kenny Kwan : "I have been longing for the freedom of living in the carefree atmosphere, travel has always been one of my dreams."

Kenny Kwan one second become 娘娘,acting pro tips "No Need to Be Ashame"

Kenny Kwan plays as the scholar,Zhang Zhen in "追鱼传奇" lacking in some rather delight of the plot,红绫's play can be described as Zhang Zhen jokes constantly, more "追鱼传奇" fan made ​​one second bell becomes sissy video circulated on the Internet.During the handshake meeting, the organizers of this special arrangement mimics links, so that male fans emulating Kenny Kwan acting in the drama, attracted waves of laughter.

It is worth mentioning that even have  "Bun Fans" live performance requirements Kenny Kwan's sissy, menacing the fans,but also live broadcast idol in "追鱼传奇" and starred in the video highlights of all feminine.Faced with this severe challenge, once in the "追鱼传奇" and cute naughty girl 红绫act as Zhang Zhen interpretation Kenny Kwan students not only succeed with the relaxed funny show again staged a second change sissy,but also summed up the mystery, and that is only three words "No Need To Shame", the original "追鱼传奇" in the sissy Zhang Zhen is so tempered. Of course, there are fanatical female fans ask to take two of the photos from the auction Meng, the face of this request, Kenny Kwan gladly accepted, and not put on a variety shy sell cute face, is simply to grab the jobs Zhao Li Ying.

"追鱼传奇" Nowhere polygonal Llove,Kenny Kwan admitted his beloved is 红绫

When talking about their favorite types of movie when Kenny Kwan straightforward frankly, the original small time like watching horror movies, especially horror movies like to use inside the plot to scare female. But gradually grow up, just like the wings off a tender, no longer so fond of excitement and panic, and slowly like to see the hero type of film, such as "Superman," "Spider-Man" and so on. You can make him feel very relaxed, perhaps asleep watching it in a dream will dream of their own goddess Zhou Xun. Kenny Kwan said that in his heart has always been a goddess-class actor, it is that the circle line of Zhou Xun, but he is most like to cooperate. Kenny Kwan mentioned Zhou Xun, eyes light up immediately on the change, and bluntly whether it is absolutely fabulous, exciting romantic drama "Perhaps Love" or espionage large "wind" and so on, her films have at least read it over twice, will feel enjoyable.

In the Record of the day happens to be Valentines Day, of course, can not avoid the fans questioning is about their favorite type of girl. Kenny Kwan politely and generously said he likes clean, pleasing to the eye of the girl, although the appearance is important, but looks at live a few years later, there is no original stunning, they still want their girls to have a favorite and common progress, mutual support and joint efforts to develop heart, to work with their empathy. Asked by fans in "追鱼传奇" of which there are three girls told her bond,if you have to choose one in between Tong Sum,红绫 and 金牡丹.which one will he choose ?He thinked and said "I think I would choose more lovely and temper is not so bad girl,红绫 will feel you let her do what she would listen, not so much pressure."

Credits : News.XinHuaNet

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