Saturday, 3 August 2013

Hins Cheung Joins EEG, Joey Yung: "He Can Be a Man Again"

Yesterday Hins Cheung attended a press conference for joining EEG. Hins signed a 6 year contract with EEG and will pocket nearly HK$10 million. EEG's boss Albert Yeung, EEG executive Ng Yue, TVB executive Virgina Lok, Mani Fok, Joey Yung and Nicholas Tse were there to support him. However, "Brokeback" rumored partner Kenny Kwan was no where to be seen. Joey and Hins are close friends, she joked: "He has a lot of potential within his body. In the past, he had many performances where he played the opposite sex, now he can be a man again." Hins told Joey not to speak nonsense and asked her to check whether she actually has a male body.

Working for a new company, Hins and Kenny can now collaborate on imperial orders, can they collaborate as a 'couple team'? Hins said: "Will have to see the script and Mani's arrangements."

Hins said he hopes for encouragement from his company and he will put in a lot of effort into his 'music debt'. He hopes to hold a HK Coliseum concert next year.

Asked if he's kicking out Leo Ku and he's becoming the 'First Brother'? Hins expressed EEG is fishing for new artists to join them. When speaking of becoming Joey and Nicholas' "see mui", Hins laughed: "Whatever, you can say what you want. Same response from me, I don't mind."

Credits : Asian Fanatics

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