Friday, 5 April 2013

"追鱼传奇" Kenny Kwan reverse the growth of interpretations "Obviously a Scholar"

China's first 3d costume mermaid myth of love drama "追鱼传奇" Shaoxing opera based on the classic segment "Catch Fish",poignant love story about the the scholar,Zhang Zhen and 红菱.Zhang Zhen is played by a Hong Kong actor,Kenny Kwan,from the trailer,we can see that there are countless of female fans that exclaimed Kenny Kwan  is simply reverse of the growth,said that Zhang Zhen act til very inversing back to his old days.

Changed to 18 in a Second,Kenny Kwan Reversed the Growth

As a 80s male,Kenny Kwan,from Boyz being an angelic guy.As year passes,Kenny Kwan had been a TV drama star.Back to years,fans started to exclaimed those moments[Sorry,I totally have no idea how to translate it]but Kenny Kwan's appearance did not seem to leave any traces of the years,many of the individuals of their pattern of appearance did not commensurate with age has not been aware of his true age.

Same to his appearance in "追鱼传奇",Kenny Kwan dare to accept the challenge of being an 18 years old scholar.According to preliminary broke the news,there are alot of views and clicks through the trailers.There is no sense of violation at Kenny Kwan's appearance of his 18-year-old look.And there is some social friends said that Little Bun Bun[小斌斌] suspass Jimmy Lin's handsome look.There is also social friends dare to say : "Our Little Bun Bun use the soft cream ?Tender to pinch the water !"Also a social friend said : "The real evil person not 鲤鱼精 but Kenny !"

A Second Later Changed to A Sissy Type and There is Some Flying Feeling

In the "追鱼传奇" trailers, Kenny Kwan has a large number of scenes that he exposed to his fans first time.Handsome styling, sometimes acting to sell cool,sometimes awesome, and with a complex plot make audience to be curious of "Cool Kwan Kwan" and audience can't find reason not to watch this series,winding paths of the fate suffered.There are also comments on Little Kwan Kwan [小關關] having test of Zhang Zhen that actually cool was from "Butterfly Lovers" role played by Wu Chun,"Having this type of roles doesn't matter !".

No matter female of male fans also shock that Kenny changed to a sissy type in the trailer.In the trailer,Kenny was displaying his sleeve,wiggling his shoulders,the polite way of talking,obviously a female and look like a female,and stroked his hairstyle,some social friend said : "Seriously some flying feeling !".Don't know if when it broadcast the outstanding acting of Kenny Kwan, will make many teenage girls as the audience to more admire him, filled with their own feminine men than ah.

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