Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Kenny Kwan tried to emulate Nicholas Tse of buying shops

EEG's Kenny Kwan and Sherman Chung went to Mainland,Hebei,to attend his boss's "Albert Yeung (China,Along Calm) Care for Senior Centre" Opening Ceremony".Kenny Kwan who had been filming in Mainland in the recent years said that he had thinked to enter the home estate before.but more like to buy brother,Nicholas Tse's investment,he said : "I had seen it before,but the preice is too expensive,I can't afford it." saying that he need to work more hard in his filming.In the same time,Kenny also hope to spend more time with his parents as he will be in Mainland working all year long,therefore,he try to take a chance to be with his parents before going back Mainland,he went to Taiwan with his whole family : "Been few years hadn't have a trip with family,hope to go for a trip with family every year.

Credits : On.CC

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