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With Michelle Bai "Go Hard" Become Friends,Kenny Kwan had Nicky Wu as his new idol

Kenny Kwan who had been three years in Mainland,had already pave a way to go,the current Kenny knows how to enjoy the pleasure of working,also hope to have a day like Nicky Wu,become a sucessful actor,hope to win awards in front of people.As for mainland netizen hailed "京城4美" Michelle Bai who lose in "Dream China" more than 5 years ago,appreciated by a China manager,brought her in the entertainment industry make her life 180 degree changed.

A big decision made by Kenny a few years ago,made the single relationship man,Kenny went Mainland and join their filming industry when he felt on bottlenecks in the development of Hong Kong and took the initiative to propose to the company to the development of the Mainland.At the starting,of course it's the company who help him to pave the way,arrange the filming part,then,it must depend on his own efforts.After years of his filming experience in Mainland,Kenny is now success to pave his way,one year shot filmed 3 dramas,don't need to worry about the acess point and enjoying his lifestyle at this moment.

Thinking back about the combination Boyz,Kenny in due to get EEG's love and protection,making a step is a bit fooled[Not sure how to tranlstae it but it's in a postive way though],feel that he do not need to learn before doing it,do not need to do,the money will naturally going to him.But now he realize,actually the company's colleague had been helping in the behind,help to find more advertisement for them as ambadassor and giving them to have commerical speech.

"Now,he know that everything that is not done by ourself is useless,in the past,filming in series or movie,think that do not need to have a look at the script,til go and film time……now everytime receive the script,must have spend a lot of time,carefully look a way to make himself to be in a good role,understand that once something arrive in our own hand,must be realiable to strive,so now I'm sastified,very harmony."

Shoot for Mainland Drama to Enhance Endurance

Of course working brings money and happiness but it also painful and hard experience,when he was filming for Mainland drama,he use to think of stop acting on it.

Once,he used to stay in Mainland for a month,and also had to be outside filming for 12 hours,even wear three trousers,4 piece of clothing and some warm package stuff also useless,also film til very cold and hurt,cold it up.Also another time,due to the scene,need two consecutive weeks,film for 10 hours everyday,but Kenny have made every effort to assist the crew needs,only sleep around 3 or 4 hours daily.

"The bitter experience of the both made Kenny ask himself a question : Do what ?Why so hard ?But after a period of days passed,survived,made it like nothing happen as the same.After the drama result came out,happy for himself,understood the needs to sucess is important."

Made a good result,Kenny will have a fire[The positive one] for his future,focus on the Mainland industry,does this means he gave up on his music career ?He claimed that he will not give up on his music career.He said that his partner from Boyz,Steven Cheung been focusing on both side[which is Hong Kong and Mainland of course],but Kenny's main focus is Mainland.Steven had signed a contract with TVB,staying in Hong Kong for filming,the work are different,Kenny said that when they both work together,they strengthen up,everything when they are together,they understand the intercourse more natural and smooth.

Go Hard Go Out of Friendship

Earlier days,Kenny in "追魚傳奇" with the famous team from "Startling by Each Step",Nicky Wu was praised by producer from time to time,made Kenny know how professional was Nicky Wu and his attitude are very good,made Kenny said Nicky Wu is his newidol,hope to learn more things in alot of aspect from Nicky Wu."I also want to do until like him so professional,get alot of appreciation,recognition and respect from others."

Kenny and Mainland's actress,Michelle Bai cooperate to film on "As The Light Goes Out".At first they take the play,they heard it's a comfortable role,who would ever thought they will act as the victims ?Waiting for the firemen to save them to complete the epic run,film for more than a month made both of them became good friends.

"The bitter experience of the both made Kenny ask himself a question : Do what ?Why so hard ?"

Kenny and Michelle Bai,the famous Mainland actress film on "As The Light Goes Out" waiting for the firemen to save them to complete the epic run,film for more than a month made both of them became good friends.

Michelle Bai do not care that netizen dubbed her as "京城4美" but she want to be an actress.

Nicky Wu's professional type and his attitude made Kenny had him as an idol.

Kenny had film in "As The Light Goes Out".

Credits : Yahoo

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