Wednesday, 10 April 2013

"追鱼传奇" starts to broadcast on summer

An Interview between Jiang Guang Tao and a Reporter

R as Reporter
J as Jiang Guang Tao

R : This time "追鱼传奇",you dub for Zhang Zhen,how does it feel ?
J : Actually the original actor is very clever, I think directly seize the context of his performances are OK, there is not much need to be modified and changed place.
R : Many viewers do not understand the workflow of the voice actors before dubbing,what will be the communication?
J : Of course we have to communicate before dubbing and producers repeated adjustments of the film side to recognize this sound, recognized this dubbing. The whole tone is recognized, in order to start dubbing.
R : Kenny Kwan is the Hong Kong actor who played the role of Zhang Zhen,previously did you notice anything from him ?
J : Previously no,but [After finished watching it] he played it very clean,very good and the character suits him alot.Can be said as successed on the acting !
R : Friends and audience will watch "追鱼传奇" during summer,what do yourself thinks of the interest ?
J : "追鱼传奇" is a traditional Shaoxing opera segment changes made​​, so the story is well founded and especially the starring,Zhao Li Ying's performance is very good, very clever, I personally very appreciate Zhao Li Ying. Good story, the cast is OK, plus we invited the strongest voice cast, the strongest team and staff are involved, so I know it very much looking forward to !
R : A lot of costume drama will be the audience's attraction,some lines who met some place in the audio,how do you deal with it ?
J : In fact, depends on how you look at this thing the director in the creation. If you pursue this, that is another matter; But if there is some outdated or review pass the place, we will also remind the film side is not to make some adjustments. "追鱼传奇" is a well done drama, there is not much in this regard.
R : You as the dubbing of "追鱼传奇" actor,in your opinion,how's everyone's performance ?
J : Outstanding

Credits : ent.163

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