Friday, 23 March 2012

Kenny caught a bad cold when he sees his close friend.

Kenny Kwan earlier to take advantage of a few days to return from Beijing to reunion with his family,but after returning to Hong Kong,he start to fell ill and asked to suffer from what disease? Kenny said : ''In a cold weather,I recite the department because I shoot a tight ghost horror series,it makes me went into a very good spirit with well tension,addition of the cold weather that can froze me up,weak resistance of the drying sun,all kinds of addition burried,miles of frozen cold disease !'' 

Kenny's free bacteria scared to infect family and friends, even if her condition improved and did not go out, as to meet with the rumored close friend Hins Cheung ?He said : ''No !I even drainage his new house in the past,the drainage birthday gift I just sent him a message.''Asked if mostly of the part of the body were weak ?Kenny says with a laugh: "I want to,but I did have a lot of opportunities to make money this year,tightly shot the two Mainland series".He will focus on the future of the Mainland market, so the heart depressed in the Mainland real estate, and that he had in two years ago, thought to buy property in the Mainland, but unfortunately it did want to ''The recite given god first'' only when he missed out the chance,he said with a big groan : ''If I know it early,I'll buy !If I bought,I've a well development !''

Credits : On.CC

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