Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Steven Cheung filming rain fever jumped to end and Joyce miserable Meo Street with her husband to save her

Hanjin earlier held a concert at the Coliseum his wife also increased from the field back to Hong Kong to support, but unfortunately the completed concert, Hanjin have no rest time; recently,Joyce Tang shifts wireless situation drama "Til Love Do Us Lie". The weather turns warm again, Joyce filming the rain scene, but she is still very professional, never get dirty when she sit. Just completed a concert near Hanjin, work schedules, although the wife in particular upon his return from the field to support but he also failed to accompany his wife to have a dating and shopping, more wireless situation of drama before the knot "Til Love Do Us Lie" for the program start.3 pm the same day, Hanjin,Steven Cheung and Joyce at Sheung Wan? Street on location. The day the shooting need rain, the crew will arrange water tankers to produce artificial rain.  First met Steven run in the rain, mourning, he completed the drama division before leaving, he returned home after the microblogging message: "a big headache, it may rain for too long, a little feverish, hot, no power!" Fortunately, the next day, Steven has been recovered to continue filming the drama "Til Love Do Us Lie",but also to cope with jumping play!

During shooting,Steven and Hanjin hide in the side of the familiar with the script,see him very hard on the back of dialogue. Many passers  asked him pictured, Hanjin,"Wong Tai Sin" itself, responsive, one by one, and neighbors pictured, but also put his signature smile, neighbours praising his friendliness. After that,Hanjin and Joyce  have to kiss, but to see the depressed mood Joyce walked on the streets, during self pity from time to time, then suddenly rain unfortunately fall, when she embarrassed the escape, to see an umbrella next to the trash can,she picked up and use it. Unfortunately, it is only a broken umbrella Fortunately,Hanjin timely appear for Joyce's problem solving. See Joyce squatted on the dirty trash can next to the shooting, she is still not wholly evasive, it is very professional, after the completion of the staff immediately brought to a towel to wipe her body.

Hanjin timely solved Joyce's problem. Slip fell to the ground picking up a broken umbrella. Lens other than the Joyce dumping speaking with staff. Steven Cheung finished the play after regressing to a fever. Coincided with school hours,Hanjin surrounded by appearing and tender.

Credits : IKHTV

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