Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sammi Cheung see Ho Zai feel some embarrassment

Steven Cheung and Haozi attended activities of turned out to be known for years with Miki friend and rice feet. Steven praised clerks Miki character is lively, talkative, but never pursue each other. Asked to know whether the other party together with the Hao Zai ? He said: Attendance is not together, if the Department of all asked whether they are seems to fit? Steven added : "Mao, then the world lining well lining,only the department love generous gel !Everyone has in the past, but new love a good healing of the generous opportunity.

As for the accused the pursuit Hao Zai & Sammi Cheung frankly a helpless sense of the rumors, except to refer to themselves in the emotional aspect is a passive outside,also stressed that only with Hao Zai colleagues.She also pointed to meet with Hao Zai will not be embarrassed, because the rumor is not true, but frankly afraid scared off suitors: Amazing  misunderstanding.

Credits : On.CC

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