Saturday, 17 March 2012

Toby Leung's favourite is those big man

Toby Leung recently participated in a sitcom series "Til Love Do Us Lie'', the play fell in love with the character of the man,Steven Cheung. Toby Leung said: "The reality like big men, big men love the control that represents the tight own, if not too much, I can accept that. We all know that I am a man innocently,die patience, a great degree, men should always be man style. 

The reference to a friend Janet Chow have a dragon B,? Toby Leung is certainly no other party, claiming themselves do not speak big, or if there has been not speak, or that we do not speak of this topic,also refers to a couple at the wedding will certainly booze, do not worry about the body.

Steven Cheung Mainland work were bitter

Steven Cheung said with a smile he's not a big man,so this time, had enough drama addiction. As to whether it will take lots of pictures of radio drama ? He said: "I also want more to stay in Hong Kong in the past a lot of time working in the Mainland, I feel very hard and would like to return to Hong Kong, I can drink my mom's soup, the energy will soon be replenished."

Credits : IHKTV
Personal Notes : I don't think Steven is those big man...

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